Sexual dysfunction strikes a wide range of men and can be particularly challenging as hormonal levels naturally decline with age. We are thrilled to provide an all-natural solution called the P-Shot® with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to help revitalize your intimate life. Here at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine, we are certified providers for the Vampire Procedures™ which includes The P-Shot. The gold-standard qualification for this type of procedure.

P-Shot in Irvine California

A P-Shot (also known as Priapus shot) is an injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) sourced from the patient’s own blood. The procedure takes roughly 30-minutes. Studies have indicated that the P-shot improves the health, circulation, strength and size of the penis while also increasing sexual desire.

    How is the P-Shot administered?

    During treatment, we administer pain medication to ensure you are comfortable. While you are numbing, we draw your blood and prepare the PRP in a centrifuge. We will then carefully inject PRP into targeted areas of your penis, a procedure that takes only minutes in our office.

    Does the P-Shot hurt?

    PRP for male sexual health is a well-tolerated treatment with little to no downtime. As a result, you should be able to resume your regular schedule immediately following your treatment.

    Is there any downtime with the P-Shot?

    the P-Shot for Men, Irvine, California

    What are the benefits of the P-Shot?

    • Boost sex drive
    • Strengthen orgasm intensity
    • Enhance erectile function
    • Enhance sensation

    When will I start seeing benefits?

    You should start noticing improvements within a week following your treatment. Improvements will continue in the following months as your targeted area continues to regenerate.

    How long will the results last?

    You may enjoy benefits lasting up to a year at most. However, we recommend periodic treatments to maintain benefits over the long term.

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