Need a lift? A thread lift is the treatment to beat for lifting and firming skin on the face, neck and body without surgery. Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine proudly use FDA-approved HD PDO Threads, which stands for polydioxanone, a fully dissolvable material commonly used in cardiothoracic surgery.

HDPDO™ (high-density polydioxanone) threads

HDPDO threads are made under high temperature and pressure to hold maximum tensile strength, resist enzymatic attack and be thermal resistant.

HD PDO Thread Lift in Irvine California

A thread lift is a simple, safe and highly effective way to defy the effects of gravity and restore a sharper jawline or V-line to your face. You will relax while we numb your treatment areas. We will then carefully insert the PDO threads into precise positions within your skin. Each thread has bi-directional and helically-positioned barbs. These barbs enable the threads to securely anchor to the skin, allowing us to lift and pull sagging skin into a desired, uplifted position.

    When will I see results with a thread lift?

    Right away! You’ll notice a lifted, younger-looking you immediately following your treatment.

    How long do thread lift results last?

    HDPDO threads at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine can last one and a half to two years. The best thing about PDO threads is that they fully dissolve within six to eight months, but the benefits keep going as the threads continue to stimulate new collagen production deep within your skin.

    HD PDO Thread Lift in Irvine California

    Can an HD PDO Thread Lift be combined with other treatments?

    Yes! We achieve amazing results by combining thread lifts with dermal fillers, which help to restore lost volume with a smooth, hyaluronic acid-based gel. One of the many benefits of HD PDO threads is that they are heat resistant and extremely durable, which means we can safely combine your thread lift with non-invasive energy treatments, injectables or other services.

    Is there any downtime with a thread lift?

    You will be able to return to your normal life immediately following your treatment. However, you should abstain from exercise and other intense activities until getting the go-ahead from us.

    Are there any side affects with an HD PDO thread lift?

    The most common side effects with thread lifts are bruising, swelling and dimpling. Most side effects are minimal, if they do occur.

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