Take Your Skin to Another Path With HydraFacial MD Elite | Skin Care Treatments in Irvine, California.

Take Your Skin to Another Path With HydraFacial MD Elite | Skin Care Treatments in Irvine, California.

Taking proper care of our skin can get tricky to fit into our busy schedules, but we must do it. Our skin is our largest organ, and it requires maintenance just like any other part of our bodies. The skin on our face is particularly sensitive; It can easily get damaged or change appearance due to exposure to the sun, acne, free radicals and aging signs. You simply cannot fit a lengthy skin care routine into your daily activities? Do you want to treat yourself to a relaxing and luxurious facial treatment? If so, you should consider HydraFacial MD Elite, the most advanced HydraFacial skin rejuvenation treatment available. Read on to learn about it, how it works, and where to find the best medspa in Irvine, California, to get it.

What Is HydraFacial MD Elite?

HydraFacial MD Elite is a multi-stage skin care rejuvenation treatment renowned for its many benefits, including providing patients with radiant and smoother skin. It is a great alternative for individuals looking for a non-invasive, discomfort-free solution to revitalize their skin rapidly and effectively. The treatment consists of three steps that, combined, can get a synergistic result that is even better than each step could achieve on its own. Its patented technology thoroughly cleans, exfoliates, and hydrates your skin. This medical process can assist with acne, uneven skin tone, dryness,  and wrinkles, among other skin issues. The three steps consist of:


  1. Cleanse + Peel: Uncover a new layer of skin with exfoliation and resurfacing.
  2. Extract + Hydrate: Remove debris from unwanted pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that quench the skin.
  3. Fuse + Protect: Saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize glow.
  4. LED light: Adding LED light therapy and customized booster is recommended for best optimal results


HydraFacial MD Elite’s is a medical grade facial. Therefore, the results are much more efficient and noticeable. This is made possible thanks to a mechanized wand that cleans and exfoliates your skin while administering serums tailored to your skin type.

Benefits of Hydrafacial MD Elite

Below are some of the benefits you can get from this treatment:

Improved Elasticity and Firmness

This high-end therapy stimulates cellular renewal to address the underlying reasons for aging skin. HydraFacials use a combination of physical exfoliation, highly concentrated serum infusion, and light therapy to stimulate the production of new elastin for firmer, more radiant skin.

Clearing Blackheads

Blackheads are caused by dead skin cells, impurities and congestion. The same exfoliating and extracting procedures employed in the HydraFacial may help clear this noninflammatory type of acne.

Boost Skin Glow

A unique feature of this treatment is its use of hydrating serums and anti-aging boosters that nourish and protect the skin. These medically prepared serums give the skin hydration and active ingredients that leave it soft, supple, and glowing.

Soothes Sensitive Skin

This treatment soothes the skin through improved hydration, reducing the red look hyperpigmentation can cause, relaxing sensitive skin, and revealing a more youthful complexion. A very effective, medically prepared serum is included in the HydraFacial treatment to reduce inflammation, detoxify, strengthen a damaged barrier, and soothe irritation. It can even aid in reducing the appearance of dilated blood vessels on the surface of the skin.

Improves Overall Skin Health

The HydraFacial treatment, at its most basic level, tackles the underlying causes of apparent skin concerns and restores your skin to a healthier state. It cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, moisturizes, and infuses the skin with antioxidants, peptides, and other important nutrients in a quick and comfortable multi-step procedure. HydraFacial MD Elite can soften aging lines, smooth your skin’s texture, reduce the size of your pores, clear and even out your skin, restore a more youthful look, and more.

Recovery Phase After Hydrafacial MD Elite

Unlike more invasive procedures such as chemical peels, you can immediately resume your daily activities after your HydraFacial MD Elite therapy. Still, it is recommended to avoid sunlight exposure and abstain from using abrasive facial products for a few days following your treatment.

Skin Care Treatments in Irvine, California | Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine

While at-home skin care routines are beneficial, there is only so much they can do for some imperfections on our skin. HydraFacial MD Elite is the boost your skin needs to recover its prime glow, smooth texture, and supple radiance. If you are looking to rejuvenate your facial skin in a convenient and relaxing way, visit us at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine. Our experienced team takes an evidence-based and scientific approach to give you the safest, highest-quality aesthetic therapies for your unique needs. Book an appointment online, or call (949) 988-0289 today!

Evoke Face Remodeling: Tighten, Rejuvenate and Slenderize Lower Face and Neck | Facelift in Irvine, CA

Evoke Face Remodeling: Tighten, Rejuvenate and Slenderize Lower Face and Neck | Facelift in Irvine, CA

If you have ever considered getting a facelift but decided against it, perhaps it was due to its surgical nature. Going through surgery is always nerve-wracking, after all. However, we have great news for you! Professional skincare is increasingly moving towards non-invasive treatments, dramatically improving facial reshaping. One stands out among these new advancements: Evoke by InMode is a skin tightening procedure used to redesign the face, jawline, and neck. It is a revolutionary platform for people searching for non-invasive facial contouring options. Keep reading to learn more about Evoke, how it works, and where to find the best medspa to get a facelift in Irvine, CA.

Evoke: Advanced Facial Remodeling

Evoke is the first non-invasive facial remodeling device to tighten, rejuvenate, and slenderize the lower face and neck tissues, an industry-first for facial remodeling technology. It is a surgery-free, cutting-edge skin tightening treatment that helps to revitalize the skin by repositioning fat, giving it a more youthful appearance. Evoke’s technology uses thermal radiofrequency (RF) energy to reshape tissue and muscle in the targeted location by penetrating the deep layers of the skin. Treatments are personalized and adapted to meet your individual needs, revealing a naturally youthful appearance with zero recovery downtime.

How Evoke Treatment Works

Evoke uses radiofrequency (RF) technology that has been clinically established to deliver volumetric heating to the subdermal layers of the skin and into the Fibro Septal Network (FSN), fibrous bands that structure and support your skin. Through RF energy, this hands-free device stimulates your collagen, the most abundant protein in the skin that provides it with support and nutrients. In turn, this provokes the skin to tighten and reverse some signs of aging and gravity that affect it as we grow. You can also use the Morpheus8 (Radiofrequency Micro Needling) as a combination therapy.


This novel platform helps you achieve more defined facial traits, firmer, tighter skin, decreased jowls, and a more rejuvenated jawline while reshaping your facial tissues. Additionally, Evoke implements A.C.E. technology (Acquire, Control, and Extend), which guarantees no areas go over or under-treated, ensuring patients maximum safety and control.

Is Evoke Safe for Everyone?

Patients seeking non-invasive facial reshaping procedures should consider choosing Evoke. This state-of-the-art device promotes blood circulation and gives the appearance of a youthful face in a natural way. It is a very safe and effective process suitable for all skin types and tones.


Evoke procedures are painless and quick, allowing you to relax all the way through them. You should expect your skin to warm up during the treatment, like receiving a hot stone massage. But, you do not need to worry about your skin burning or overheating. Thanks to Evoke’s A.C.E. technology, the temperature is automatically regulated to ensure you only get the necessary heat your skin requires for the treatment.

Recovery Time

Evoke does not require any downtime or recovery period. It is a discomfort-free and straightforward procedure that may be completed in as little as 45 minutes. You could even go through it during your lunch break, allowing you to resume your daily activities right away.


Medspa in Irvine, CA | Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine

Evoke is a revolutionary non-invasive cosmetic procedure used for facial contouring and skin tightening for people of all skin types and tones. Delay the natural aging process so you can age on your own terms. If you are looking for a non-surgical facelift in Irvine, CA, Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine is your best choice! We offer a variety of sound, proven, safest, effective, and advanced cosmetic therapies. When you visit our medspa, you can be confident you will be getting the highest quality aesthetic medicine medical care. Book an appointment online, or call (949) 988-0289 today!


EvolveX Transform: Body Contouring, Skin Tightening, Fat-Melting, and Muscle Toning; All in One Procedure | Medspa in Irvine, CA

EvolveX Transform: Body Contouring, Skin Tightening, Fat-Melting, and Muscle Toning; All in One Procedure | Medspa in Irvine, CA

Achieving the figure you want can sometimes be more challenging than expected, especially when diets and exercise do not produce your desired results. Body contouring is an excellent option for such cases, but many people are understandably intimidated by its surgical nature. More and more patients have sought non-invasive body contouring procedures to achieve toned, sculpted bodies in the last few years. One of these methods is EvolveX Transform , a body sculpting treatment that’s great for body contouring, skin tightening, and muscle toning. This treatment can encourage people to follow a balance diet including exercise for best optimal results with EvolveX Transform. Keep reading to learn more about it, what it involves, and where to find non-surgical body contouring in Irvine, California.

What Is EvolveX Transform?

EvolveX is a revolutionizing hands-free, non-invasive body contouring platform. EvolveX and Transform technologies allow for real-time operations tailored to each patient’s needs. The technology behind EvolveX Transform enables it to provide skin tightening while sculpting the body and muscles simultaneously. Target loose skin, melt unwanted fat, and stimulate your muscles with only one procedure!


The device can work in three modes that include radiofrequency (RF) energy and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Combined, these modes allow us to trim, tone, and tighten any body area you desire to sculpt easily. Bipolar radiofrequency provides a safe and controlled deep heating of the skin and adipose tissue. At the same time, EMS uses a synergistic layering technique and delivers consistent transformative results.


EvolveX can help you accomplish controlled fat reduction, skin tightening, tissue remodeling, and muscle stimulation using these two methods. Both techniques function together to tighten the underlying skin structure and increase collagen and elastin production. This procedure eliminates fat cells and promotes a smoother, more contoured appearance.

Is EvolveX Transform for Me?

Patients who want non-surgical and non-invasive body contouring and prefer to avoid multiple procedures to achieve it are the best candidates for EvolveX Transform. The treatment itself can last just under an hour, with only a minimal tingling sensation that might even feel therapeutic. In short, if what you want is a quick, effective, and innovative non-invasive body sculpting experience, then EvolveX Transform is for you.


You might also want to consider EvolveX Transform if any of the following benefits are what you are looking for:


  • Remove excess body fat that refuses to go away.
  • Tighten loose skin that develops due to pregnancy, weight reduction, liposuction, or aging.
  • Desire to build muscle mass and tone the appearance of such muscles.
  • Reduce cellulite in specific areas.
  • Reduce fat cells.
  • Contour your body shape without surgery.

Recovery Phase After EvolveX Transform Treatment

Yet another benefit from this novel device! Any EvolveX Transform therapy has no needed downtime or recovery period. Since there is no trauma to the body during the treatment, patients can resume their balance diet including exercise.


As with most contouring treatments, the effects caused by EvolveX Transform might take a little while to manifest entirely. Depending on your unique circumstances, we recommend 6 sessions 1-2 weeks apart to ensure your newly sculpted results stay just as you want them to.

Body Areas EvolveX Can Treat

The following areas of the body may benefit from body contouring with the EvolveX Transform system:


  • Triceps (upper arms)
  • Abdomen (stomach)
  • Waist
  • Buttocks
  • Back fat
  • Knees
  • Thighs and legs area

Body Contouring Specialist in Irvine, CA

Achieving the body shape you have always wanted is now more attainable than ever! Thanks to outstanding new body contouring technologies like EvolveX Transform, you can access a convenient and effective way to transform your body into a sculpted, sleek physique. If you are looking for a medspa in Irvine, CA, that provides EvolveX Transform treatments, visit us at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine! Our practice takes an evidence-based and scientific approach to selecting your treatments to accomplish your body goals. Our experienced staff will ensure you receive the most sound, proven, safest, effective, and advanced therapies in aesthetic medicine. Book an appointment online, or call (949) 988-0289 today!


10 Tips for the Ideal Bridal Beauty Regimen | Morpheus8 RF Microneedling in Irvine, California

10 Tips for the Ideal Bridal Beauty Regimen | Morpheus8 RF Microneedling in Irvine, California

Weddings involve tons of aspects to consider in their planning. And, among all the other things you need to think about, you might have overlooked keeping a beauty regimen previous to the big day! Ensuring that you achieve a glowing and picture-perfect look requires preparation. This is why we put together ten essential bridal beauty tips you should consider before the wedding day arrives. Anywhere from skin rejuvenation to laser lipo, we got you covered. Read on to learn more about them and where to find the best medspa in Irvine, California, to get them done!

Laser Hair Removal

What better way to feel comfortable and confident on your big day and honeymoon than getting laser hair removal? Within the weeks following treatment, disabled hair follicles will fall out and reveal smooth, hair-free skin.


It may take several treatments to eliminate all hair, depending on the area. It is best to get started as soon as possible since each session will need to be spaced four to six weeks apart for optimal results.

Dermal Fillers

Keep a beautiful, volumized, youthful face at the altar with the help of dermal fillers! They consist of injecting a special gel into strategic areas of the face to reveal a younger-looking you within minutes.


If you need dermal fillers in Irvine, contact us! We provide a variety of FDA-approved, safe dermal fillers clinically proven to produce results.

Botox Injection

Another efficient way to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for your special occasion is Botox injections. It works by relaxing the muscles that create expression lines and smooths out the skin to give you a younger appearance without surgery.


Because it might take about a week to show results, make sure you plan it ahead of time! You can get botox in Irvine, CA, in our office at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine.

Vampire Facials

Enhance your beauty with a vampire facial! It is a cosmetic-breakthrough treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a concentrated portion of your blood. PRP triggers cellular renewal, new collagen, and elastin growth to smooth out your face when applied to your skin.


(Interested in PRP injections in Irvine, CA? Get your vampire lift with us!).

Evoke and Evolve Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Are you worried about certain “bumps” in your body that do not compliment your figure showing when you put on your dress? Introducing Evolve, a non-surgical body contouring device! Evolve uses radiofrequency (RF) energy and electrical muscle stimulation to non-invasively melt fat, tighten skin, and tone muscle in multiple body areas. Evoke uses radiofrequency energy to non-invasively tighten the skin in the submental and cheek regions of the face. Show off your beautiful figure just the way you want.

IPL Photofacial

Photofacial therapy, also known as intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, is a non-surgical technique to improve the color and texture of your skin. It can reverse some of the most obvious pigmentation irregularities without the hassles of more invasive measures. If you are worried about imperfections distracting from your gorgeous looks on your wedding pictures, this procedure is a must! Remember that, just as with any other facial treatment, using the right skincare products will help complement and enhance its effects.

RF Microneedling

Morpheus8 RF microneedling is a revolutionary procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production and new cell turnover in the skin. This treatment rebuilds and regenerates your skin, leaving it revitalized and rejuvenated. There is no better skin tightening and rejuvenating effect than the one produced by Morpheus8 RF microneedling. You can say “bye” to skin laxity, deep wrinkles, and acne scars with this novel treatment!

Varicose Veins Treatment

The fear of having spider veins under your white dress is a thing of the past. Sclerotherapy is a treatment that involves injecting your affected veins with a special solution that causes them to collapse and gradually fade from view. Since best results are seen after a series of treatments, you should also plan ahead of time for this one!

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are topically applied solutions that rejuvenate the skin’s surface by causing the outermost layer to shed in a regulated manner.


They are very beneficial in treating mild to moderate acne, softening fine wrinkles, and leveling out the texture of your skin. They also have little downtime, allowing you to return to wedding planning without worries.

IV Therapy

Wedding planning is exhausting. Ensuring you are energized and calm throughout the ceremony is essential for your peace of mind. IV therapy is a method to deliver a unique combination of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that help boost the health and strength of your skin, hair, and nails. Getting IV therapy before the big day is a fantastic way to guarantee that you feel gorgeous and relaxed before saying “I do.”

Look Your Best Walking Down the Altar!

No matter how busy the planning gets, always remember to give yourself some time to treat yourself to some great, rejuvenating treatments and skincare products to increase your bridal glow. At Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine, we offer a variety of aesthetic services with top-quality, state-of-the-art equipment. Anywhere from chemicals peels to Morpheus8 RF microneedling, we have you covered. Book an appointment online at our medspa, or call (949) 867-6099 today!


Try BeautiFill Laser Lipo to Go Down a Dress Size Fast and Without General Anesthesia | Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine

Try BeautiFill Laser Lipo to Go Down a Dress Size Fast and Without General Anesthesia | Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine

When we have big celebrations to attend, it is natural that we want to look our very best. However, it can be discouraging to find out that the one dress you want to wear might not quite fit as it used to. As we get older, gaining weight becomes easy, and it is common for the fat to accumulate in the wrong places. But, never fear! Thanks to modern and innovative cosmetic technology, there is a solution that will help you reduce that extra weight and keep your skin tight and smooth. Read on to learn how you can fit back into that dress flawlessly with the help of an excellent body contouring specialist near Irvine.

About Cosmetic Surgery

There are many different reasons people decide to approach these aesthetic medical procedures. The most common one is likely related to changes to our bodies as we age. Loose or sagging skin and gaining weight are two obvious changes that can make us feel insecure about our looks. And these changes are not exclusive to old age; almost anyone can get them at any point in their lives, depending on many personal circumstances.


Cosmetic surgery is one of the fastest developing branches of modern medicine. It has grown in popularity in recent years, as it offers procedures for most body parts. When it comes to removing unwanted fat, the most sought method is liposuction. Also known as “lipo,” traditional liposuction uses thin hollow metal tubes to vacuum fat from the body, particularly with the goal to better contour specific areas. Because sagging skin also results from losing weight, this will likely happen after a traditional lipo.


However, there is an alternative that gets rid of the undesired fat and stimulates the skin to keep it tight and smooth.

What Is BeautiFill Laser Lipo?

BeautiFill Laser Lipo is a cosmetic procedure that uses laser energy to remove fat deposited in unwanted body areas. It is a much more comfortable and gentle option than traditional liposuction since there is less trauma to the body and a quicker recovery time. It can be done awake without the need to be put under general anesthesia.


BeautiFill can also do superior fat transfer. The fat is extracted from unwanted areas like the abdomen, thighs, and back and can be immediately transferred to places like your cheeks and breasts to make them firm and improve their appearance.  Fat is a natural filler that lasts longer than synthetic fillers. This method combines specific techniques like skin tightening, liposuction, and fat transfer to achieve its goal.

How Does It Work?

The procedure for BeautiFill laser lipo is quite simple and fast when handled by a professional. The duration depends on how much fat you want to remove and where the fat cells would be deposited. BeautiFill’s unique quality is its ability for skin tightening while removing the fat, which could then be transferred to another body region to shape its contour.


The first step involves suctioning unwanted fat from specific areas. While it is delivered to the tissues, the laser simultaneously cauterizes blood vessels. This reduces bleeding and body trauma to a minimum, unlike typical mechanical liposuction. BeautiFill’s distinctive radial emission method minimizes the risk of burns by distributing energy evenly during the treatment.


Simultaneously, BeautiFill contracts the existing collagen in your skin and stimulates new collagen formation, creating tighter and smoother-looking skin. This patented laser mitigates the amount of saggy skin that is often seen after traditional liposuction methods. The procedure is not too painful, mainly causing only a small amount of discomfort, and is performed using tumescent anesthesia administered before starting the process. The recovery time is usually from one to a few days following the treatment, though it will depend based on each case. You will be able to resume your daily activities in no time!

Cosmetic Surgery Near Irvine

No matter the reason why you seek it, cosmetic surgery is all about making you feel good and confident about your looks! At Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine, our goal is to provide you with the most innovative and optimal aesthetic care. We offer BeautiFill laser lipo and a variety of other cosmetic treatments to ensure you look just as you have always dreamed. Book an appointment with us or call (949) 867-6099 today!


5 Ways to Look Your Best in the Big Day | Laser Lipo in Irvine, CA

5 Ways to Look Your Best in the Big Day | Laser Lipo in Irvine, CA

So, you made it through the initial part of your engagement, and now your big day is getting closer! It is time to think about all the planning details you should consider for the ceremony, so everything goes just as you envision it. And, do not forget, planning for your stunning looks is just as important as planning for everything else. Unfortunately, our bodies are not always in the best shape when we most need them. However, hope is not lost! Treatments like laser lipo and body contouring are lifesavers to achieving your beautiful body figure. Keep reading to learn about some great cosmetic procedures you should consider before your wedding and where to find the best medspa in Irvine, CA, that offers them!

Body Contouring

Some areas in our bodies will not cooperate and change into what we want them to look like, not even with exercise routines! This is where body contouring comes in.

Body contouring is a cosmetic procedure to eliminate fat cells, shape areas of the body, and tighten loose skin. There are different ways of performing it. Laser lipolysis and non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) energy via Evolve and Evoke are two very efficient options. They allow your body to remove fat cells from your system over time, bringing you closer to your ideal physique.

Nearly every portion of the body, including the chin, can be contoured with this procedure. The most common sites include the arms, back, belly, buttocks, neck, chin, and thighs.

BeautiFill Laser Lipo

If you wish to remove unwanted fat without risking your skin loosening from the reduction, BeautiFill is your best choice. The fat is dislodged gently and with precision from the tissue through cutting-edge laser technology, unlike the manual force other options use. This method makes this procedure more comfortable than traditional liposuction and minimizes the ensuing swelling and recovery time after treatment.

Another benefit from BeautiFill is that its laser technology stimulates rich collagen in the skin as it removes the fat simultaneously. This allows the skin to tighten, heal quicker, and get a rejuvenated appearance, reducing the need for additional skin treatments after the procedure.

Lip Fillers & Botox®

Consider lip fillers to ensure you look show-stopping in your wedding pictures! They are a type of dermal filler injection that provides volume, shape, and contour to your lips. They are a good alternative to surgical lip augmentation since they are not as invasive, have less downtime needed, and proven consistency and safety. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the most common material used in lip fillers.

(In need of lip injections in Irvine? Contact us at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine!).

Another easy option to reduce bothersome forehead lines, brow furrows, and crow’s feet is with Botox and/or Dysport! It is the most popular nonsurgical anti-aging treatment worldwide. Botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles that generate the lines and wrinkles, causing the skin to smooth out. As a result, you will see a younger-looking you, without a trace of those lines on your face.

Unsure on whether to get Botox, Dysport, or dermal fillers? You are in luck! The two treatments make a perfect pairing. If you search for lip fillers or Botox in Irvine, CA, we provide both at Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine!

RF Microneedling

RF microneedling is a cosmetic technique that uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production and new cell turnover in the skin, rebuilding, tightening, and regenerating skin. This will leave your skin looking revitalized and rejuvenated. And remember, a customized physician-grade skincare regimen helps increase the longevity of your treatment results.

It works by using tiny needles that cause controlled skin damage and sending radiofrequency energy through the punctures, encouraging collagen formation. There is a higher production of elastin and collagen under the skin’s surface through the body’s natural healing process.

(Interested in RF microneedling in Irvine, California? Contact us!).

IV Therapy

IV therapy is a method to deliver a unique combination of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that help boost the health and strength of your skin, hair, and nails. The formula is meant to detoxify your body and rejuvenate your appearance from the inside out. The fluid is delivered through an IV drip or injection into the vein, increasing the body’s absorption of the nutrients.

Aesthetic Medicine for Your Big Day

You deserve to look stunning on your wedding day, and planning ahead can ensure you look exactly the way you dreamed you would. At Jade Phoenix Aesthetic Medicine, we offer all the beauty treatments you could need to achieve your cosmetic goals! Our state-of-the-art facility and cutting-edge technology ensure you will leave our office feeling your best. Book an appointment online or call (949) 867-6099 today!