Superior fat removal and skin tightening with Beautifill Irvine, California

Beautifill offers unique body contouring with its ability to remove unwanted fat, while simultaneously tightening any loose skin that may occur after fat reduction. By using cutting-edge laser technology, fat is gently dislodged from the issue and extracted with precision rather than using manual force, making this procedure a more comfortable alternative to traditional liposuction. Because there is less trauma to the body using this approach, swelling is minimized and patients are able to quickly recover within a few days of treatment. 

A common concern of liposuction is the occurrence of loose skin after dramatic fat removal. The laser technology used in Beautifill stimulates powerful collagen for quicker healing and restructuring of the skin, giving the overlying skin a smooth and rejuvenated appearance. This allows the skin to tighten and contour around your new slim figure, revealing the full effects of it’s fat loss capabilities without the use of additional skin rejuvenating treatments.

Benefits of Beautifill fat removal

  • Remove stubborn fat from unwanted areas
  • Tighten and rejuvenate the skin
  • Stimulate collagen
  • Contour the body
  • Quick procedure time
  • Predictable and reliable results
  • Minimal risk and trauma to body tissue
  • Quick recovery and downtime

Beautifill fat transfer Irvine, California

BeautiFill is FDA approved and has the additional benefit of being able to replenish lost volume in the face or body. It does this by using your very own fat cells, therefore revealing plumped up, youthful-looking results that last.

One issue which may arise after fat removal with regular liposuction is loose, sagging skin. But thermal heating from the Beautifill patented 360° radial laser enables gentle, smooth, and direct dermal heating. Because heating promotes collagen production and contraction of the skin, it therefore results in a tighter skin appearance.

We are proud to be a designated national training site for Alma Lasers’ BeautiFill Masters course. 

    How does it work?

    BeautiFill uses proprietary laser technology to remove fat cells from one body area and re implant them in another.

    A superior fat transfer method.

    The proprietary laser can gently extract the highest quality and amount of live fat cells. Inferior fat transfer methods destroy too many fat cells, therefore resulting in less than pleasing results. In addition, a clinical study found BeautiFill fat transfer patients reported greater than 90% fat cell viability. The more living fat cells you transfer, the higher your chances of cell survival following re implantation. Therefore, the better the results.

    Beautifill fat transfer

    Benefits of Beautifill fat transfer

    • Lift sunken cheeks
    • Fade nasolabial folds & marionette lines 
    • Replenish lost facial volume
    • Enhance breast size
    • Lift and enhance buttocks
    • Reveal a younger-looking you!

    One treatment is typically all you need to achieve your desired results. 

    BeautiFill fat transfer is a simple in-office procedure that requires only tumescent and topical anesthesia. Therefore, you should will feel comfortable during your treatment.

    There is a lower incidence of common liposuction side effects, such as swelling, redness, bruising and minor bleeding. However, If these side effects do occur, they will resolve in the days and weeks following your procedure.

    Is there any downtime with Beautifill?

    Downtime will depend on the amount and location of the fat you are transferring. Typically, one day at home is all that is needed before you can resume normal activities.

    You may need to wear a compression garment in treated areas to ensure your body heals and conforms to your desired shape. It would also help if you avoided strenuous exercise until you are given the go-ahead. We are committed to your safety above all else.

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